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Should your waste be burnt in an incinerator?

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    Should your waste be burnt in an incinerator?

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    Surely not.

    Major problems:
    ∙ Incinerator produces large GHG emissions, contrary to the ACT legislated target of net zero emissions by 2050;
    ∙ Incinerator negates all CO2 savings from ACT solar farms, rooftop solar and light rail;
    ∙ Waste Incineration emits more CO2 than coal-fired power stations;
    ∙ Incinerator creates NO2 concentrations above maximum allowable limit;
    ∙ ActewAGL has history of ramping-up pollutants right to the allowable limit, remember the gas-fired power station debacle;
    ∙ Incinerator creates 10,000 tonnes of toxic fly ash each year;
    ∙ Health dangers of PM2.5, fine and ultrafine particulates;
    ∙ No ongoing, real-time, monitoring possible of highly toxic POP emissions.
    ∙ Canberra’s altitude and hot summers aggravate incinerator’s pollution effects;
    ∙ Smog potential in Inner Canberra and along Monaro Highway;
    ∙ Creation of a local heat island and enhanced fire and explosion risks, see the Belgian INDAVER incinerator;
    ∙ Energy from incineration of biomass is not renewable;
    ∙ CRS would monopolize waste industry, preventing development of anaerobic digestion/composting industry;
    ∙ Sewage sludge to be used for biogas and soil improvement, not to be incinerated;
    ∙ Incinerator will institutionalize problematic waste imports from NSW, remember the recent 4Corners report;
    ∙ Part of recyclables will not be recycled;
    ∙ Incineration has low energy efficiency and poor employment rates;
    ∙ Misleading claim about limited lifespan of Mugga Lane tip;
    ∙ Day and night noise levels in Fyshwick and Narrabundah;
    ∙ Kowen Forest should be considered as an alternative site;
    ∙ CRS incinerator is not like FOY, …..worse than FOY;
    ∙ Need for an Health and Environment Inquiry like done for FOY.

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    Jerry F

    No, waste should not be burnt. I attended the recent meeting at the German Harmonie Club and met some CPR members. After a reasonable amount of study I have already made up my mind that incinerators are a disaster, mostly due to toxic emissions and the resultant health effects. I want to spend my time and energy organising opposition to any incinerator in Canberra or the region rather than debating about whether incinerators are good or bad, or discussing building an incinerator anywhere else. Incinerators are poison sources and unsafe not matter where they are located. In my view, only very loud and powerful opposition can stop any incinerator, especially considering that the ACT Government itself is part of the consortium proposing it.

    I have gotten in contact with the National Toxics Network and will be coordinating with them.

    Does anyone have any ideas about how to get opposition going as fast as possible?

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    Hi Jerry,
    Great that you are coordinating with NTN. Does that mean asking them to make a submission, or would it be a joint submission?
    The submissions and papers I have seen from NTN are very impressive and we would have done well with a submission from them in the FOY battle. Unfortunately at the time nobody of us at CPR was aware of NTN.

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